AazeinTx announces new advisory board member Dr. Kemal Payza

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AazeinTx is excited to announce the addition of their newest advisory board expert Dr. Kemal Payza. Payza brings 27 years of pharmaceutical experience in drug discovery processes, and has made contributions to 17 candidate drugs. He also has deep expertise in assessing lead generation and lead optimization project risks, directing the pharmacological characterization of new compounds, and the designing and selection of assay systems and testing cascades to assess potency, selectivity, and efficacy.  

He has served as director of the department of molecular pharmacology at AstraZeneca R&D in Montreal, Quebec as well as director of the Montreal Discovery Portfolio. Payza is currently Chief Operations Officer at Nimium Therapeutics, a company working to develop a treatment to reduce the effects of excess caloric intake such as obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, etc. 

“Payza’s expertise in both drug discovery and project management is a huge asset to AazeinTx, and we’re grateful to have him be a part of our advisory team,” said Lawrence Korngut, Chief Medical Officer at AazeinTx.  

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