AazeinTx Announced as a Winner of Prestigious NEXSTREAM 2.0 Tech Competition

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AazeinTx is excited to be announced as a winner of the “Health & Preparedness” category in the NEXSTREAM 2.0 challenge. The competition, hosted by the Campbell River Area Angel Group (CRAAG), saw over 60 submissions from companies across four categories from which only five winners were selected. While the competition was based out of the Campbell River Area in BC, AazeinTx was the only out-of-province winner thanks to the broad potential benefit of their novel asthma treatment, which is slated to move into human trials in the near future. 

The CRAAG panel of judges stated they were “blown away by the depth and sophistication of the team at AazeinTx,” according to a web release. Ultimately, however, they recognized the life-changing potential of the future development of AazeinTx’s novel oral treatment for asthma patients.  

Not only do they have an incredible IP portfolio and plan to bring their drug through clinical trials, they also have unparalleled passion to solve the problem of asthma and several other diseases through the application of their experimental drug.” – CRAAG Announcement Release 

An expected total of over $2 million will be invested across all of the winners, and the money AazeinTx receives will help the company move into the next phase of clinical trials. The year-long challenge also provided invaluable feedback on the company’s business strategy, including one-on-one mentorship from some of Canada’s top entrepreneurs, helping to chart continuing success. 

The team at AazeinTx would like to thank the CRAAG panel for this exciting award, and for seeing the potential to help asthma patients all over the world.   

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