AazeinTx Announces New Advisory Board Members

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AazeinTx is pleased to announce the addition of Dr Gail Gauvreau, Dr. Dan Chiche, Dr. Kem Payza, and Dr. Bill Brown to our advisory board. These top medical and scientific experts in therapeutic development will advise the company throughout the clinical process. All four bring specialized knowledge in asthma, clinical trials, our patented TRPV1 novel pathway, and the NEO6860 compound.  

Dr. Gauvreau is co-director of the AllerGen Clinical Investigator Collaborative (CIC), a multicenter, Canadian-based clinical trials collaborative based at McMaster University. She will be serving as the Principal Investigator of our upcoming phase 2a clinical trial in subjects with mild to moderate asthma, and will be advising AazeinTx at arms-length in this capacity. 

“We are very proud to be partnered with Dr. Gauvreau and the AllerGen clinical investigator collaborative, with their world-leading asthma clinical trial network, and impressive track record of clinical trial successes in asthma,” said Dr. Lawrence Korngut, Chief Medical Officer at AazeinTx. 

For many of these advisors, these upcoming trials will mean developing research they were at the foundations of. Dr. Brown, for example, was one of the original developers of NEO6860 when he was working for AstraZeneca. Additionally, Dr. Chiche and Dr. Payza worked with the same compound during their tenure at adMare BioInnovations, researching its application in other disease indications and clinical trials. This advisory times collectively bring decades of drug discovery and translation expertise, including senior leadership roles with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies.  

 “These advisors have a deep understanding of our asset, which spans from its original discovery, all the way through to its successful clinical safety testing,” said Dr. Richard Wilson, Chief Scientific Officer at AazeinTx. “We are very excited to capitalize on their experience towards our common goal of developing NEO6860 as the next generation of asthma medication as well as other indications.” 

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